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State Inspectorate for Protection of Children`s Rights Republic of Latvia in collaboration with Ministry of Welfare of the Republic of Latvia implement.

European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021 Programme "International Police Cooperation and Combating Crime” pre-defined project “Support for Barnahus implementation in Latvia”  (hereinafter – Project) implementation.

Slogan of the Project:


The overall goal of the Project is to implement Barnahus model in Latvia to ensure multi-disciplinary and interinstitutional cooperation for children victims or witnesses of violence thus improving the system of protection of children's rights. The main results of the project are the provision of support compliant to international standards to children victims or witnesses of violence by ensuring cooperation in a child- friendly environment of law enforcement, social and medical professionals, Barnahus model implementation in Latvia.

Barnahus is an effective mechanism for responding to violence, respecting the rights of the child victims and witnesses of violence, at the same time ensuring reaching the goals of criminal case-processing and treatment/rehabilitation processes. It is a child-friendly, interdisciplinary and multiagency centre whereby different professionals work under one roof in investigating suspected cases of child sexual abuse or other forms of violence against children and providing appropriate support for child victims, witnesses and their families. According to the European Barnahus Quality Standards (available at the interviews for investigative purposes are being performed in a sensitive manner

General information about Project goals, objectives, activities and results

The following objectives of the Project are defined:

  • to develop and implement a multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary victim centred institutional cooperation model for cases of violence against children;
  • to ensure that children who have become victims or witnesses of violence are treated in a child-friendly manner;
  • to strengthen the quality of the evidence used by the prosecution and court system, including by training specialists;
  • to establish functioning, legally and organizationally enabled Barnahus model in Latvia where children are interviewed and medically examined for forensic purposes, comprehensively assessed and receive relevant therapeutic services from appropriate professionals;
  • to embed Barnahus in the national child protection structure, so that interagency collaboration within Barnahus is governed by national procedures and formal interagency agreements.

The main activities in the Project include:

  • establishing more effective and efficient procedures for investigation of child abuse;
  • increasing the knowledge of staff and potential witnesses;
  • raising public awareness (two public campaigns);
  • upgrading facilities in line with the European quality standards for Barnahus;
  • staff will be trained in responding to concerns of child abuse;
  • development of a multi-disciplinary model (teams of professionals) for inter-agency cooperation and coordination;
  • providing relevant guidelines and methodology to respond to the cases effectively and taking into consideration the needs of the victims.

The target group of the project is:

  • children victims of violence and their families;
  • police, who are legally allowed to do the forensic interview;
  • medical professionals and professionals doing the forensic medical examination and the forensic medical examination appointed by the court proceedings;
  • child protection professionals and social workers who will cooperate with Barnahus;
  • judiciary (judges, prosecutors and lawyers).

Project partners:

  • Icelandic Government Agency for Child Protection;
  • Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development;
  • Children's Clinical University Hospital;
  • The State Inspectorate for the Protection of Children`s rights

Project manager: Ilze Bērziņa, mob:.+ 371 67021639, e-mail:

Head of the Barnahus project in Latvia: Laura Lediņa, mob:.+ 371 67359129,



Project start date: 02.02.2021

Project end date: 30.04.2024

Contract number: EEZ/LM/2021/5

Total eligible costs: 2 070 000 €

Grant financing: 1 759 500 €

National co-financing: 310 500 €


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