UN Committee on the Rights of the Child General Comment No. 19 on Public Budgeting for the Realization of Children’s Rights is the first UN document to provide detailed guidance to states on their legal obligation to invest in children.

General Comment No. 19 recommends open, inclusive and accountable resource mobilization, budget allocation and spending. It clearly states that States must not discriminate against any child through resource mobilization, budgeting and spending.

States should also regularly ensure that children participate in budget decisions, allowing children to participate in those issues that concern them.

To get more information, please follow the link: http://www.eurochild.org/policy/library-details/article/un-general-comment-no-19-on-public-budgeting-for-the-realisation-of-childrens-rights-article-4/?tx_news_pi1%5Bcontroller%5D=News&tx_news_pi1%5Baction%5D=detail&cHash=ae3b0673fa6fa70f04283b3af4851213